My Tips..

This Sunday we have some very useful links as usual. Tips for combating content theft, a virtual blogging conference, how to make money with Clickbank and Google Adsensen… check them out!

  • Enforcing Copyright: SEOMoz has an interesting article listing four ways that you can use to combat people violating your copyrights.
  • BlogOnExpo: Ever wanted to attend a blogging conference? Well, the guys from BlogOnExpo organized a virtual one, and there are some authority bloggers involved as well.
  • Making Money with Clickbank: Clickbank is one of the most popular affiliate networks on the Internet. If you want to learn how to leverage it, check out this post.
  • Web Design Galleries Roundup: Design galleries are useful for several purposes. You can use them to gain inspiration, to broadcast your work and so on. This roundup includes all the important ones.
  • Journalists Also Get Ideas from Bloggers: Mainstream media loves to say that without them bloggers wouldn’t have stuff to blog about. Guess what, looks like journalists are get inspired from blogs frequently.
  • Make More Money with Adsense: If you use Google Adsense you are probably always looking for tips to improve your earnings. This article has 20 of them.

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